Listening. Test 4

Look through your tests carefully. Listen to the dialogue between Jane and David who is talking about his day. You'll hear it twice. Mark if the statements (1-6) are T (True) or F (False) as in the example.

Variant I

1 F David was at the shop in the High Street.
2 F David saw a young man who was in trouble.
3 T A robber was trying to steal a handbag.
4 F Nobody helped to catch the robber.
5 T The old lady hit David with her umbrella.
6 F The old lady ran off in the end.

Variant II

1 T David was in the High Street.
2 T David saw an old lady who was in trouble.
3 F A robber was trying to steal David’s handbag.
4 T David tried to grab the bag away from the robber.
5 F The old lady hit the robber with her umbrella.
6 T The old lady said sorry in the end.

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