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1.2. Your Real Self

III. Grammar Smart

1. b) In pairs, ask “Yes or No” questions about your family members and answer them.
— Is your granny kind?
— Yes, she is.
— Is your grandpa clever?
— Yes, he is.
— Is your sister funny?
— Yes, she is.

IV. Word Smart

a) good qualities of a personality. Add more positive words.
generous, polite, cute, kind, helpful, friendly.

b) Negative qualities of a personality and add more negative characteristics.
Stingy, rude, impolite, mean, unfriendly, unkind.

c) Describe pluses and minuses of your personality. Begin with:
1. They say I am a creative person.
2. And really, I can be friendly.
3. From time to time I am lazy.
4. I can also be rude.
5. But I never forget my friends.
6. lean be noisy.
7. I can’t be quiet.
8. My friends say I am too talkative.

At home: Describe a personality of your friend.
I think my friend is helpful and reliable. They say he is friendly and helpful. We think he is cre­ative. But he can be too talkative and noisy. And from time to time he is lazy.

V. Time to Listen and Read

2. Say the opposite.
1. My friend is very kind. — My friend is very rude.
2. The boy is so stingy. — The boy is so gen­erous.
3. A child is impolite. — A child is polite.
4. The girl is silly, sometimes. — The girl is clever, sometimes.
5. My girl-cousin is very impatient. — My girl-cousin is very patient.
6. Your action is wise. — Your action is silly.

3. Look at different colours and say what personality’s character they speak of.
I think a red colour speaks about a quick tempered personality.
I think a black colour speaks about a reli­able personality.
I think a white colour speaks about a per­sonality who always acts well.

VI. Time to Communicate

2. In pairs, discuss your personalities.
A: I bet blue is your favourite co­lour, isn’t it?
B: So it is. And what does it mean, I wonder?
A: They say, colours may say much about your personality. For example, you are very calm and supportive.
B: The world we live in! And you, Jane, like clothes in yellow. What kind of personality are you?
A: A yellow colour speaks of an optimistic personality. Maybe this is the reason why I’m always cheerful.
B: There is smth in what you say. You are funny cute. But don’t take it so seriously. You can’t judge a person only by his favou­rite colours.
A: Right. The proverb goes “Handsome is that handsome does”. That’s it. Your ac­tions good or bad-will say what you are, can I rely on you or will you let me down.
B: I can’t agree more. We’ve been friends with you for many years and I know your real self.
A: Me too. And it can’t otherwise.

3. Speak about the personality of any member of your family.
This is my uncle. I appreci­ate him very much because he is clever and friendly. He is always ready to help in a difficult situation. His friends say that they are happy to have such a good friend. But sometimes he is too noisy and talkative.

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