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1.4. The Two of Us: My Friend and I

p. 33, ex. 1. Across: supportive




Down: honest

p. 33, ex. 2.1. You often see your friend — We see a lot of each other.

2. You like to be with your friend — I enjoy my friend’s company.

3. You got to know a new friend — I made friends with...

4. Your friend can tell interesting sto­ries — He’s a good storyteller.

5. Your friend works hard — My friend is hardworking.

6. You met a new friend and liked him at once — We hit it off.

1. We both like sports — We share our in­terest in sport.

2.1 often meet my friend — We see a lot of each other.

3.1 am in good relations with my friend — I enjoy my friend’s company.

4. My friend reads a lot and knows much — He is well-read

5. My friend always supports me — He is supportive

6. My friend helps me when I need it — He is helpful.

p. 33, ex. 3. At home. I am happy to have a new friend. We met at the tennis club, so we share our interest in sport. We meet every day because I enjoy my friend’s company. Nick is helpful and friendly, so I think he is a good friend. He is well read, and I enjoy speaking to clever people. We usually spend a lot of time together. We always find what to do. But we especially like to go out at the weekend.

p. 35, ex. 1.

Time to Communicate I have a closest friend. It’s Tim. We have a lot in common and we share our interest in sport. We met in our football club and immediately hit it off. We enjoy spend­ing time together and see a lot of each other.

In the dialogue “Getting along” find the information for the following chart.

p. 35, ex. 2. 1. Dan likes to eat much. He is such a heavy eater.

2. Jane reads much, and she is the best story teller of my class.

3. Martin has got many friends. He is such a good mixer.

4. My twin brother Andrew spends much trine at his lessons. He is a real hard work­er.

5. Vera likes to sleep. She is often late for classes. We call her a sleepy head.

6. Mike is not ready for the lesson again. He is a lazy bone.

p. 35—36, ex. 3.

Common Interests

Common Character Traits

Favourite Leisure Time



hard workers and good mixers

playing chess


sitting around

p. 36, ex. VIII. I think a true friend should keep his friend’s secrets not to let him down. It’s very nice if he remembers my birthday. We should give some advice only if it is necessary. We should discuss the things that worry to solve our problems together. Of course, it’s nice to attend con­certs together and share the books (CDs).

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