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1.5. My Progress in English

p. 36, ex. I. 1. You get along with your friends, don’t you?

2. Your family isn’t big, is it?

3. Am has got two thick braids, has she

4. You can rely on your parents, can’t you?

5. Dan isn’t stingy, is she?

6. A child takes my words seriously, doesn’t it?

7. Your sister always helps you out, doesn’t she?

8. Many Americans are on the move, don’t they?

p. 36, ex. VIII. I think a true friend should keep his friend’s secrets not to let him down. It’s very nice if he remembers my birthday. We should give some advice only if it is necessary. We should discuss the things that worry to solve our problems together. Of course, it’s nice to attend con­certs together and share the books (CDs).

p. 37, ex. III. 1. c. Aunty Glad

2. a. 250

3. b.by train

4. b. the sea

5. c. a stranger

6. a. sunny

p. 39, ex. VI. I think every member of the family must respect each other. It is im­portant not only for good relationships but also for a better understanding. Be­sides, you must have a person you can always count on. It can be either your mother or a father.

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