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2.1. May Success Attend You!

p. 41. Badminton isn't as spectacular as tennis.

Skiing is as dangerous as skating. Running isn’t as hard as running. Rollerblading is as breathtaking as skate­boarding.

Embroidering isn’t as enjoyable as knit­ting.

p. 41. 1. Look and recall.

beauty — beautiful to excite — exciting colour — colourful to enjoy — enjoyable cheer — cheerful to relax — relaxing love — lovely use — useful danger — dangerous wonder — wonderful to interest — interesting

p. 42, ex. IV. sports as a hobby;

Many people do sports as a hobby. I like to play basketball and go swimming, crafts as a hobby;

I’ve joined a needlework club where we can learn how to knit, to embroider, to sew. music as a hobby,

My hobby is music. I enjoy singing and playing the guitar.

p. 44. At home. My mum enjoys knitting. She says it is more enjoyable than sewing.

p. 44, ex. 2. The family is having a picnic near the river. I think mother enjoys knit­ting. Look, the son is playing the guitar. Maybe music is his hobby. His younger sis­ter is keen on sport. She is playing badmin­ton with his father.

p. 46, ex. 2. 1. What do the children do in their free time? — Paul is interested in flying model aircraft. Lucy enjoys walk­ing nature, and I doing a lot of squash.

2. Why do they enjoy their leisure activi­ties? — Lucy loves being out in the open, to enjoy the beauty of nature and listen to the country sounds. Paul thinks that it’s exciting to fly models into the air.

3. How much time do they spend on their hobbies? — Lucy tries to get at least one hour of walking every day and do squash twice a week. Paul spends weekends out­side.

4. Who has a more exciting hobby? — I think, Lucy has. Nature is wonderful.

5. Have you ever tried to practice any of the children’s hobbies? — No, I haven’t.

p. 46, ex. 3. Example: Lucy loves... — Lucy loves being out in the open. Me too.

1. Lucy tries to get at least one hour of walking every day. Me too.

2. After a hard day at school Lucy tries to relax. Me too.

3. Paul is very much interested in flying model aircraft.

I’m interested in taking photos.

4. It’s a hobby which takes a lot of free time.

5. Actually this hobby helps me to relax.

p. 46, ex. VIa). Hi Ann! What interest do you have? What do you do in your free time?

Well, I enjoy playing the guitar and sing­ing.

What do you enjoy most about those activi­ties?

It’s so wonderful, you know. And it helps to relax.

And how long do you spend on your hobby? It depends. I try to get at least two hours a day.

Oh, my! That's great, you must be really keen on music.

Sure. I love it very much.

Time to write.

Write about your hobby. Begin with:

I have a head for music. So, I enjoy playing the guitar and singing. It is so wonderful and relaxing. As for music, it’s a hobby which helps us to express our feelings. It began 3 years ago when I got a guitar for my birthday. Actually, my hobby takes a lot of time. Because I joined our school band last year, so I spend lots of time with my new friends.

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