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2.2. Necessity or Obsession?

p. 48, ex. III 1) a) Play a grammar word formation game, Use the nouns from the box below.

beautiful — beautifully

exciting — excitingly

colourful — colourfully

hard — hard

long — long

good — well

bad — badly

useless — uselessly

dangerous — dangerously

wonderful — wonderfully

interesting — interestingly

p. 47. I think, painting is impressive. It helps us percept the world and express our emotions.

I think, listening to music is relaxing. It helps us to distract from our problems.

I think, sport is exciting. It helps us to keep fit and to take part I competitions.

I think taking photos is fantastic. I help us to see how wonderful our world is.

p. 48, ex. 1b) 1. What can you do fast?

2. What do you early do in the morning?

2. How long has it taken to play football well?

4. Can you work hard and play hard?

p. 50, ex. 1a) I like to collect shells. They remind me of my trips to the seaside.

I like to collect coins. They tell about dif­ferent countries.

I enjoy doing crosswords puzzles. They help to be focused and determined.

I enjoy doing sports. It’s so exciting.

I enjoy creating funny stories because l like jokes.

I enjoy making kites. It’s so wonderful.

I like playing the guitar. It’s so relaxing.

p. 50, ex. 1b) Which of the hobbies you can practice: at home: collecting something, making models, playing musical instru­ments, creating stories, out of doors: doing sports, flying kites, playing games.

Describe any activity which children can do in the clubs in the picture and let your friends guess. Cover these questions:

If you want to join the world of beauty you can come to Art Studio. You can learn to draw, paint and work with nature mate­rial. It helps us to express your feelings and emotions.

p. 51—52. a) — There's nothing like play­ing football.

— Really? I prefer football.

— Okay, okay. Let's agree to differ.

b) — I like to collect stamps the best.

It’s so informative.

— In contrast with you, I collect coins.

— To each his own.

c) I prefer sewing to knitting.

—Tastes differ. I’m all for knitting

d) — I’m keen on doing puzzles. And you?

— I differ. I’m interested in acting.

p. 52. At home.




My sister

playing the piano

She is dreaming of playing any musical instrument. She also loves classical music

My father

making aircraft models

He is interested in history of aircraft

My mother


She enjoys spending time near water.

p. 52, ex. 2. 1. Collecting things is an out­door hobby. — Collecting things is an in­door hobby.

2. Crossword puzzles first appeared in the middle of the 20th century. — Crossword puzzles first appeared in the early 20th century.

3. To solve a crossword, one asks a set of questions. — To solve a crossword, one an­swers a set of clues.

4. Few people have a sport as their hob­by. — A lot of people have a sport as their hobby.

5. All the hobbies are expensive. — Not all the hobbies are expensive.

6. All the children practice their hobbies at home on their own. — A lot hove children practice their hobbies together.

p. 52, ex. 3. Swimming has been a part of my life since childhood. My Dad gave me my first swimming classes when I was four. When I was six my parents took me to the swimming pool. So, I am still attend­ing it.

p. 54, ex. 3. A. What is your hobby horse?

B. I love drama.

A. Is it a necessity or an obsession with you?

B. Of course it’s an obsession. I really like it.

A. What do you find useful about it?

B. I can express my feelings and to become more confident.

A. How long do you spend on it?

B. Twice a week.

p. 54, ex. VII. Write a letter to the edi­tor of the magazine «Stone Soup» about a hobby which is a necessity/an obsession with you. Follow the format below.

Date: October, 22

To: the editor of the magazine “Stone Soup” Subject: Is hobby a necessity or an obses­sion

Dear Editor,

Many people like to do something when they have some free time. I am sure it is not a necessity. We don’t have to do it, but there is something we are interested in, so we enjoy doing it at leisure. I enjoy playing the guitar. I do it at home and besides I play in our school band.

I have a lot of friends there. It’s wonder­ful to share interests in something and do it together.

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