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2.4. Let’s Agree to Differ

p. 64, ex. IV. a) I’m going to watch an ad­venture film tonight.

I am going to watch a program about na­ture tomorrow afternoon.

I’m going to watch a football match on Sun­day morning.

b) If I have free time I’ll watch my favou­rite programmes.

When I have good mood, I will watch a con­cert of my favourite band.

When the weather is bad I’ll watch a com­edy.

p. 65. At home.

Family Members TV Tastes Same with your TV tastes? Dif­ferent from your TV tastes
Dad Sport programs No Yes
Mum Romantic comedies Yes No
My brother Cartoons No Yes
Granny Soap operas No Yes

p. 66, ex. 1. 1. What is special about a soap opera? — It is a story about the lives of or­dinary people who live in the same street or town. We call them soap operas (or soaps) because in the US they were first paid for by companies who made soap.

2. What was Walt Disney’s first long car­toon film? — The first long cartoon film is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

3. What makes a good musical? — It com­bines song, dance, comedy and drama.

4. What TV programme is useful for your health? — A series of fitness programmes on TV produced by stars.

5. What do you need to know NOT to be­come a couch potato? — We should jump at the opportunity to spend time watching television usefully for our health.

p. 67, ex. IVc).

1. There's nothing like... for me.

2. I like to... the best.

3. I prefer in small groups, talk about your hobbies and structures:

1. There's nothing like documentaries for me.

2. I like to watch cartoons the best.

3. I prefer comedies to soap operas.

4. I'm also keen on fantasy films.

5. In contrast to you I'm all for wildlife pro­grammes.

p. 67, ex. VIb). A. Are you a regular tele viewer?

B. In fact, I am.

A, Are you a couch potato?

B. Of course not.

A. What TV programmes are to your taste?

B. I like “Discovery” channel.

A. What do you think of soap operas?

B. They are dull, I think.

p. 67, ex. VIII. They say, «One person's meat is another person's poison».

To me it means that while some people like something, other people may hate the same thing.

I agree with it because tastes differ.

Let's take hobbies as an example. Some people think that football is exciting while the other hate it.

So, as you see we all are different.

p. 68, ex. I. The Talk of Two Brothers

— What are (1) you doing, Jack?

— I am (2) watching the news.

— And what are (3) you watching half an hour ago?

— I am (4) watching a TV quiz show. And maybe you want to know what I am (5) go­ing to do in another half-hour, Tom?

— Yes, I ask, what are (6) you going to do?

— I am (L) going to beat you if you don't stop asking me silly questions.

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