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2.5. My Progress in English

p. 68, ex. II. Fill in the right word.

1. Badminton isn’t as spectacular as tennis.

2. Many people do sports as a hobby.

3. I like to collect stamps.

4. I am learning to play the guitar this year.

5. My friend is a real couch potato.

6. I hate soap operas.

p. 69, ex. III. Match the lines about hob­bies to the lines expressing differences in tastes

1. There’s nothing like playing football. — c) basketball is as exciting as football.

2.1 like to collect coins the best. — a) I pre­fer to collect stamps.

3.1 prefer indoor hobbies to outdoor activi­ties. — e) But I love playing outdoors,

4. Is your brother keen on music? — f) I don’t think so. He is more interested in films.

5. Why don’t you take up tennis? I love it! — b) Tastes differ.

6. What? You mean collecting things is use­less? — d) Okay, okay, let’s agree to differ.

p. 69, ex. IV. 1. What is Phil’s hobby? — b. Travelling.

2. What did his parents buy last year? — c.

A new trailer.

3. What do they NOT have in their home on wheels? — b. A garage.

4. What did the boy dream about? — a. To go away from civilization on holiday.

5. What is NOT true about Robin Hood? — b. He was alone in the forest.

6. What is Sherwood Forest like these days? — a. A park.

p. 70, ex. VI. Dear Martha!

How are you? Thank you for your letter. Your hobby is really exciting. I want to tell you about my hobby. I enjoy playing tennis. It’s really exciting. I attend our school ten­nis club three times a week. I have met some new friends there. We have a lot in common, so we like to spend time together. I am going to take part in the competition next week. I am sure, it would be wonderful.

Please, write soon.

Best wishes, Ann.

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