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3.5. My Progress in English

p. 95, ex. I. 1. I have a good command of English because I work hard on it.

2, Nick wants to play basketball that’s why he has joined our school basketball club.

3.1 love animals that’s why I have many pets at home.

4. My friend is never late for classes be­cause he is punctual.

5. Ann has a nice voice that’s why she sings in our school choir.

6. We do everything in time because we plan everything ahead.

II. Word Smart

1. Alex always forgets things. — Alex is absent — minded.

2. Dan knows much about computers. — Dan is keen on computers.

3. This is the place where we have our PT lessons in cold weather. This is our gym.

4. This is the place where we have our school meetings or concerts. This is our school hall.

5. Helen is in the sixth form. — Helen is a sixth — former.

6. This is a big group of singing people. — This is a choir.

p. 95, ex. III. 1. There’s nothing like sing­ing for me. — As for me I prefer dancing to singing.

2. Are you also keen on history? — No, I’m not fond of history, I like Geography.

3. I like to watch TV after classes. — In con­trast with you I prefer computers to TV.

4. I like English. — And I like German. Tastes differ, you know.

5. I am interested in knitting. — Knitting is not for me. I prefer active rest, like swimming or running.

6. Julia likes Botany and I’m keen on Math. — To each his own.

p. 96, ex. IV. 1. Tommy found a real book in 2157.

2. Margie was eleven.

3. Margie hadn’t seen many telebooks.

4. Margie said she hated school.

5. County Inspector took the teacher with him.

6. Most of all she hated was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers.

p. 97, ex. V. How are you? Thank you for the letter. You ask me about my school routine. I’ll tell you some words about it. School starts at 8.30. We usually have 6 lessons a day. I’m good at English and literature. But I have some problems with maths. My routine is well — planned, so I try to do my homework myself. My friend sometimes helps me with maths and I help him with English.

Please, write soon.

Best wishes, Mark.

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