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4.2. Ready, Set, Go!

p. 105, ex. 1. I am a nature lover, that’s why I enjoy travelling to the forest.

I am a good swimmer, that’s why I like go­ing to the seaside.

I am fond of history, so I prefer visiting museums.

I am a sports person so I enjoy playing tea games at the stadium I am good at taking pictures, so I like visit­ing places of interest and taking photos.

p. 106, ex. 1. 1. What waterways you can see;

2. What towns you have been to;

3. Where you would like to go.

I can see The Dnieper, the Danube, and the Tisa.

I have been to Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod.

I would like to visit Uman.

p. 107, ex. 1. a) Where they can go; American children can visit Disneyland or Disney world.

What they can see:

They can see the Mickey Mouse Show.

They can go for a ride with Donald Duck. They enjoy visiting Adventure land and seeing the world of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

c) What they can do:

They can go on a Ferris wheel.

They can have a snack in McDonalds.

They can watch Mickey Mouse parade etc.

p. 108, ex. 2. American children often spend their weekends in Disneyland or Disneyworld. These places are the most popular with children.

In Disneyland they can see Disney car­toons. Besides, they can take part in Mickey Mouse parade or goon a Ferris wheel. Many children prefer going on the roller-coaster because it’s exciting. There are also fond of attractions, that’s why they do merry-go- round. At lunch time parents and children visit McDonalds. You can stay there all-day long. It’s fun to get together.

p. 108, ex. 3. At home. What do you like doing on holiday?

When do you usually do it?

Where do you usually go?

How do you get there?

Why do you like it?

p. 109, ex. 1. 1. What happened in town one Saturday morning? — The funfair came.

2. What attractions were there? — The roller-coaster, roundabout, merry-go-rounds and other attractions.

3. Where did Val’s friends so? — They went to the funfair.

p. 110, ex. 2. 1. The funfair came to town.

2. The children heard the news on Satur­day morning,

3. In the evening the place was noisy,

4. The children came there to ride on the roundabout, and to shoot with a real gun at the shooting booths.

5. All the attractions cost a lot of money.

6. Val went to the fair.

p. 110, ex. 3. We have a good family tra­dition. We go to the central park to cel­ebrate the end of the school year. I am usually full of excitement because I look forward to visiting my favourite attrac­tions.

p. 111, ex. 2. A: Have you heard about a new circus performance.

B: It’s never! Are you going to visit it?

A: I’m full of excitement

B: Me, too. I look forward to watching it.

A: Let’s go on Saturday.

B: We could to buy tickets just now.

A: That would be smashing to visit circus.

B: Come on, then!

p. 112, ex. VIII. Dear Diary.

For days I was waiting for visiting the zoo. When the time came, I was in excitement because my friend told me that I can see a little baby elephant. The whole place was full of noise. In every corner you could hear loud voices of animals. A baby elephant looked cute and funny. I forgot about everything.

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