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4.5. My Progress in English

p. 125, ex. I. James Cook explored the seaways and coasts of Canada, conducted scientific expeditions from Antarctic to Arctic, and travelled from the coasts of North America to Australia and New Zea­land. He made three journeys by sea to the Pacific Ocean and became the first Euro­pean to arrive at the east coast of Austra­lia. His ship — the “Endeavour” — first found New Zealand and then crossed the Tasman Sea to reach the smallest conti­nent in 1770.

p. 125, ex. II. 1. Let's go on the roller­coaster.

2. We can put up a tent near a river.

3. We are all going on a trip on Saturday.

4. I prefer to stay in town.

5. Martha and Phil coming to Ukraine at our invitation.

6. We can put on national Ukrainian cos­tumes.

p. 126, ex. 1. 1. When did Robert Scott travel? — B. To the Antarctic.

2. What did he reach in 1910? — C. The South Pole.

3. What did he see when he got there? — B. A tent.

4. What country was his competitor from? — A. Norway.

5. What is not true about Robert Scott? — B. He won the race.

6. What made his journey especially hard? — A. The weather.

p. 126, ex. III. 1. Do you know any great travelers? — c) Yes, of course, I do.

2. What do you think of a round-the-world trip? — a) Wow!

3. James Cook discovered Australia. —

e) I can’t help admiring his great disco­very.

4. Christopher Columbus is the most fa­mous explorer I know. — f) No wonder — he discovered America.

5. Captain Cook made three journeys by sea to the Pacific. — b) How admirable!

6. Isn’t it remarkable that your brother wants to become a seaman? — d) And he will. He is so courageous!

p. 127, ex. VI. Our life would be dull with­out travelling. It broadens our horizon. We see new places, meet new friends, and enrich your knowledge. If you are a na­ture lover, you can go backpacking. If you are interested in history, you can visit museums. Our world is wonderful. Just go out and you see a lot of interesting things.

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