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5.3. Non-food Shopping

p. 143, ex. 2. a) Should I buy a green blouse or ... a red one?

I advise you to buy this one. It is so becom­ing you.

b) Would you like to buy this tracksuit? Not really. It’s too loose.

C) Shall I buy these shoes?

— Sure. They look trendy and stylish.

d) — You'd better chose these short stories.

— Oh, thank you. I’ll follow your advice.

e) — Should I choose roses or chamomiles?

— I think chamomiles would be better.

f) Would you like to buy this CD?

Exactly. It's my favourite band.

You should buy clothes on sale. They are much cheaper.

You should buy these trainers. It is 40% discount.

You should buy these note books. They are 3 for the price of 2.

You should buy this stylish skirt. This is your chance.

p. 144, ex. 2. We can buy clothes at the ready-made clothes department.

We can buy soap washing powder, and shampoo at the household goods depart­ment.

We can buy things made of leather at the leather goods department.

We can buy copy-books, pens, pencils at the stationer’s department.

We can buy shoes and trainers at the foot-wear department.

p. 144, ex. IV. 1)1. stationer's — c) a shop that sells paper, copy-books, pens etc.

2. ready-made clothes — a) a shop that sales ready-made clothes

3. perfumery — a shop where perfumes are sold

4. leather goods —b) a place where you can buy things made of leather

5. footwear — f) a shop where you can buy shoes, boots etc.

6. household goods — e) the shop which sells things for household chores like: soap, washing powder, toilet paper.

p. 145. At home. I enjoy doing non-food shopping very much. I usually do it with my sister and we like planning our shop­ping trip. We like getting discount or buying clothes on sale. It’s wonderful to choose new clothes and to try them on. But we don’t like spending too much time and money.

p. 147, ex. 2. A: I say Julia I've run out of copy books. What about doing some shop­ping?

B: With pleasure. I’m so fond of shopping. A: Great! What store are we going?

B: Firstly, let’s go to the stationers depart­ment in the nearest shop. There is a sale and the prices are lower.

A: And where can we have a snack?

B: It is at the cafe near the shop. There is always a big selection of cakes. I went there last Sunday.

A: Thank you very much, you know a lot about shopping.

B: My pleasure.

p. 147, ex. 2. The more sport activities you have the better you feel.

The more fruit and vegetables you eat the healthier you are.

The more you write the fewer mistakes you make.

The more you read the sooner you finish your book.

The more you play the sooner you become a champion.

The more you listen to the native speakers, the better pronunciation you have.

p. 147, ex. 3.1. Samantha felt ashamed. — Agreed. She was aware of her awful clothes.

2. Samantha was shy. — Agreed. She didn’t get used to fashionable shops.

3. Samantha was terrified. — Disagreed. She was carried away by the beauty.

4. Samantha was happy — Agreed. She had a great time.

5. Samantha felt sorry. — Disagreed. She felt embarrassed.

p. 148, ex. 3. It was last week. I was go­ing to buy a present for my friend and my sister offered her help. We decided to buy a computer game so we decided to go to the supermarket. There was a wide choice of computer games that’s why we were dazzled at what we saw. At last a shop- assistant helped us to do the right choice. We decided to go to the cafe to order some pizza and ice-cream. Then we went to the central park and had fun.

p. 148, ex. VII. We usually visit a lot of shops before Christmas. We have to buy a lot of presents so I plan my shopping trip ahead. I prefer to do shopping with my sister and we usually choose the super­market in the city centre. There always plenty of presents there so we are dazzled at what we see. At last we ask a shop — assistant to help us and we feel happy be­cause we buy what we want.

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