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5.4. Choosing a Present

p. 149, ex. III. a) — Tim is fond of mu­sic. Do you think it’s a good idea to pres­ent him with a new CD of his favourite band? — Sure.

b) — My friend can’t live without reading. What if we buy a new book about Harry Potter? — I think it will be a good choice.

c) — Sally has invited me for her birthday,

— Wonderful I think this T-shirt will be a pleasant surprise.

d) Why don’t we buy him a book about his favourite tennis player?

— Great! He is so fond of tennis.

p. 149, ex. IV. 1) 1. Is your friend hard to please? — It’s very hard to please my friend.

2. How long are you looking for a pres­ent? — I’m looking for the presents for a week or two.

3. To what shops do you go to buy a pres­ent? — I usually go to the jewellers or to the souvenir shop.

4. What hand-made presents can you pres­ent to your friends with? — I can knit a beautiful scarf.

5. What present do you find original? — Some hand-made presents.

6. Do you give the same presents to boys and girls? — It’s impossible to give the same presents to boys and girls.

p. 150. At Home.

Who What How much? Can you afford it?
Mother A scarf 30 hryvnyas Yes!
Father A science fiction book 20 hryvnyas Yes!
Brother CD’s 15 hryvnyas Yes!

p. 151, ex. 2. 1.1 like your photography.

2. Our teacher liked my answer.

3. The police man gave an order to shout.

4. Thank you for the comfort you’ve made forme.

5. Why don’t we go for a walk?

6. She told me about her support.

Look at the pictures and say which pres­ents children didn't choose and why.

Children didn’t choose a box of chocolate, because Helen is always on a diet.

Children didn’t choose o poster of the film about Harry Potter, because she has al­ready has five of them Children didn’t choose CDs because she is not a great admirer of music,

p. 152, ex. 2. A: Hey Mike. Tomorrow is Dan’s birthday. Have you decided what to present him with?

B: Not yet. I saw a stylish T-shirt. Don't you think it’s a good choice?

A: Oh, I'm not sure... He has got quite a lot of them. Let’s look for something else.

B. Why don’t we buy a big cake?

A: Yes, but don’t forget that he isn’t a sweet tooth.

B: I see. What if we buy a computer game?

I know this is his hobby.

A: That would be great.

B: Settled then.

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