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6.4. Holiday Foods

p. 175-176, ex. III. a) — What does pud­ding taste?

Yummy! It tastes delicious and sweet.

b) — What does fried chicken smell?

— It smells appetizing.

c) — Help yourself to the pine apple. Do you like it?

— Oh, it smells good, but it tastes bland, c) — May I treat you to grapes?

— Thank you. How nice they smell!

p. 176, ex. 1. If you ask me, I like a banana pie.

It is my favourite dish.

11 smells appetizing.

Besides, it tastes delicious.

At the sight of it I want to eat it immedi­ately..

p. 177, ex. 2.1. Could you do me a favour?

2. It’s Helen’s favourite SDonffe cake.

3. Can I ask you a favour?

4. Can we have strawberries? They are my favourite.

5. What’s your favourite colour?

p. 177, ex. 2. — How do you like chips with bacon and cheese? You can take either.

— They taste strange for me. I prefer French fries.

— And I like Lucy’s apple pies. They smell nice and taste delicious.

— Agreed Lucy is a real foodie.

p. 177. At home. My Dad likes Ukrainian borsch. It tastes delicious.

My Mum likes chicken. — It smells appe­tizing.

My sister likes meat dumplings. They smell appetizing.

I like fruit salad. It tastes delicious and sweet.

p. 178, ex. 2. A: Help yourself to some lemon cake.

B: Wow! It’s my favourite.

A: What does it smell?

B: It smells appetizing.

A: What does it taste?

B: It tastes delicious A: Bon appetite.

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