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7.1. So Many Countries So Many Cultures

p. 184, ex. 1a) What is the capital of Great Britain? — It is London.

What is the emblem of Canada? — A maple leaf.

What animal lives in Australia? — A kan­garoo.

What is the capital of New Zealand? — Wellington.

How many states are there in the USA? — 50 states.

Look at the pictures and put questions to the answers given.

— Where do the English buy fresh baked bread? — At the corner shops, I think.

— What do the English eat for breakfast?

— Porridge.

— Where does a kangaroo live? — Kanga­roos live in Australia.

— Where do teenagers of the USA like to spend time? — Teenagers of the USA like to spend time in the mall.

— What team game do Canadian boys en­joy playing? — Canadian boys enjoy play­ing hockey.

— Where do American children like eating out? — In McDonald’s.

— What do you know about rugby? — It’s a favourite sport in Britain.

p. 184, ex. 2b). 1.1 have learned about ani­mal life in Australia. — d) So have I.

2. I don’t know much about Maori peo­ple. — a) Neither do I.

3.1 can go to London in summer. — f) So can I.

4. Phil doesn't play hockey as his Canadian friend Jeremy. — g) Neither do I.

5. I'm good at English traditions. — b) So am I.

6. My English friend Lucy hasn't visited the USA yet. — c) Neither have 1.

p. 187, ex. 2. 1. What is your lifelong dream? — To visit English speaking coun­tries.

2. What must a traveller to English speak­ing countries know not to behave like a bull in a China shop? — He must know all the cultural do's and don’ts.

3. What cultural do's and don’ts do you know? — Be polite. Don’t speak too loudly. Mind your manners. Don’t point with your finger at the object or a person.

4. What excursions do you like to have in an English speaking country? — I’d like to visit the capitals and the places of interest.

5. What must a traveller know to feel at home in any English speaking country? — To speak English and to know all the tradi­tions and customs.

6. Planning a trip abroad what must you do beforehand? — I must study English.

p. 188, ex. VI. At home. My lifelong dream is to visit Australia. Firstly, I study Eng­lish and this is an English speaking coun­try. Secondly, I want to see beautiful na­ture and the animals that live only there. Besides, I’d like to see a famous Opera House. But most of all I want to meet the Australians and to learn more about their traditions and customs.

p. 189, ex. 2.1. What are the cultural do’s of Great Britain?

2. I know little about this agricultural area.

3. Testing is a big educational problem.

4. Bristol is a big industrial city.

5. It is a well-known historical event.

6. I adore this musical programme.

p. 189, ex. 3.

Steve Ann
has grades "A" in English, has already learnt a lot about great inventors and inventions, music and TV culture, is a great admirer of animals and rare plants, wants to have a mind trip to the English — speaking countries
Steve Ann
places to visit and popular hobbies in some English-speaking countries  

p. 190, ex. VI. 1) A: Gee! Look at my test scores. They are straight A’s.

B: What do you mean? I can see elevens and even a twelve in your paper.

A: Don’t you know? In America they use letter grades. So, as language learners, we can speak as American kids do.

B: Now I see. Congratulations! Now you can travel to the English — speaking world easily.

A: I’d very much love to. It is my life-time dream.

B: One day it will come true. I’m sure. You’d better get ready for the trip before­hand.

A: I have already learnt a lot about great inventors and inventions, music and TV culture, places to visit and popular hobbies in some English-speaking countries.

B: Good of you, but it’s not half enough. There is much more to learn about the Eng­lish-speaking world: writers and books, ac­tors and films, singers and songs, art and artists.

A: I know, I know. It will help me very much.

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