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7.5. My Progress in English

p. 211, ex. I. 1. We live in Europe, in Ukraine, to be exact.

2. We have some relatives in Canada and the USA.

3. James Cook is a national hero of Britain.

4. In spring the fruit trees break into blos­som in Washington D. C.

5. There is a monument to Lincoln in Wash­ington D.C.

6. Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

p. 211, ex. 2, A: As far as I can judge, you are Mr. Know-AU about London.

B: Do you really think so?

A: I mean it, I really mean it. Let me ex­amine you.

B: Go ahead.

A: My first question is about Big Ben: what is it?

B: It is in the clock tower, in St. Stephen’s Tower, to be exact. I’m dead sure about it. A: So am L Now, you find the statue of Pe­ter Pan?

B: I have just read a book by J.M. Barrie about Peter Pan who lives in a magic place called “Never Never Land”.

A: So have I. He is the one who never grows up, isn't he?

B: Let’s do some Internet search together, p. 211, ex. VIII. London is the capital of Great Britain. More than six million people live in London. London lies on both banks of the river Thames. It is the larg­est city in Europe and one of the largest cities in the world.

London is not only the capital of the coun­try; it is also a very big port, one of the greatest commercial centres in the world, a university city, and the seat of the gov­ernment of Great Britain.

The most important parts of London are: the City, the West End, the East End and Westminster.

The City is the busiest part of London, People do business there. Only about ten thousand people live there.

The West End is the richest part of Lon­don. You can find the best shops, theatres, cinemas, museums, fine parks and squares there. Its houses and streets are the finest in the capital. The rich people live in the West End.

The East End is the part of London where working people live. It is not so rich as other parts of London and there are fewer parks there.

Westminster Abbey is one of the most beau­tiful buildings in London. There are many monuments of great men there. Many great English scientists lie buried there; among them Newton, Darwin and Watt. In the Poets' Corner some of the famous English poets and writers are buried

p. 212, ex. II. 1. Tourists were staring at a marbles tone structure. 2. Canberra pro­duced an unforgettable impression on me.

3. James Cook claimed a new land Britain.

4.1 felt home in Hyde Park. 5. We’d like to have a mind trip to New Zealand. 6. Travelling in Australia we had the time of our lives.

p. 212, ex. III. 1. Do you happen to know about the unique ski museum? — c. I do. This museum is in Canada. It’s pretty in­teresting.

2. It’s an open secret that many sights in Washington are connected with the life of the presidents. — a. So I have heard. I’ve read about the Lincoln monument, and want to know more about the White House.

3. It’s a well-known fact that you can en­joy the whole panorama of town from its top. — d. There's every reason for it, be­cause the London Eye is the largest obser­vation wheel in the world.

4. They say New Zealand's flora can take your breath away. — b. Agreed. I can't help admiring tulip-trees and magnolia trees

5. Australians celebrate Christmas on the beach when it’s very hot. — e. You don’t say so! Christmas on the beach? Never heard of it!

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