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Starting Up


2. Look around the classroom and name at least ten things..
I can see a blackboard/а TV set/ a computer/ school bags/ desks/ chairs/ shelves/ books/ a map/ a bookcase.

4. Study the picture of the classroom above and write out the words from task 3 that mean the things you can see in this classroom.
A whiteboard, a CD player, a computer, a printer, a globe, a dictionary, a microscope, books, desks, chairs, a calendar, a bookcase.

7. Look at the picture of the classroom on page 5 again.
a) Вибери вірне слово.
1. isn’t
2. is
3. aren’t
4. aren’t
b) З’єднай питання і відповіді до них.
1. b
2. с
3. d
4. а

8. Write six sentences about your classroom.
This is our classroom. There are 10 desks and 20 chairs in it. There is a blackboard and a piece of chalk. There is a computer in our classroom. There are maps on the wall. There are 2 bookcases in it.


1. Look at the text in task 2 and choose the right answer.
1. b; 2. а

2. Read the text and match the headings (A-G) with its paragraphs.
1. а; 2. d; 3. b; 4. g; 5. е; 6. і; 7. с

3. Work in pairs. Answer the questions and share some useful ideas. Use phrases from the box.
— Preparing your school bag the night before can save time in the morning. Getting enough sleep helps to be healthy and feel good.
— Doing your homework on the same day and getting ready for tests will help to study well.

4. Think what phrases you can often hear in your English class and who says them. Group up the sentences on page 9 into two columns:

Pupil Teacher
— May I go out?
— What have we got for homework?
— Here you are.
— Can you say that again, please?
— I’ve fi nished!
— Sorry, I’m late.
— Thank you.
— What does “dangerous” mean?
— Who is absent?
— Open your books on page 8, please!
— Who wants to read?
— How do you say “бджола” in English?
— Thank you.
— What does “dangerous” mean?
— Copy this into your notebooks!
— Be quiet, please!

5. Work in pairs. Role-play a short classroom situation when pupil A is a teacher and pupil B is a pupil. Use some of the phrases above.
A: Hello, pupils. Sit down, please!
В: I’m sorry, I’m late. May I come in and sit down?
A: Please, come in and take your seat. Now open your books on page 8 and read the text.
B: I’ve finished!
A: Well done! How do you say “бджола" in English? And what does “dangerous’’ mean?


1. Complete the commentary on a summer holidays photo. Use the words from the box.
1) photo; 2) see; 3) great; 4) scared; 5) T-shirts; 6) hot.

2. Take a photo from your summer holidays and write what is happening in it.
In this photo you can see my family. We are at the seaside. We are sunbathing and swimming- We are having a great time there. My brother and I are swimming in the sea. We are happy because we enjoy swimming. My mum isn’t swimming now, she is sunbathing. She is lying in the sun and reading a book. My dad is taking photos. He enjoys photography.

3. Read the situation, copy and complete the letter.
1. Anna; 2. meet; 3. 21; 4. Friday; 5. 11; 6. speak; 7. the 6th; 8. Olha Ivanivna

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