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Unit 1. Lesson 2. An Ordinary Family


р. 24 eх. 1. Знайди слова, які не пов'язані з темою сім'я.
pilot, monkey, frog, prince, octopus.

p. 24 ex. 2. Заповни таблицю словами з ex. 1
Не: father, son, brother, cousin, stepfather.
She: grandmother, aunt, wife, niece, granddaughter.

p. 24 ex. 3. Подивись на малюнок родини Майка. Прочитай, знайди їхні імена та покажи на малюнку.
Mum Melissa; dad George; sister Alice; brother Ted; grandpa Edward; uncle Harry; aunt Linda; cousin Amy; cousin Jim; cousin Robert granny Liz.

p. 26 ex. 4. Закінчи речення.
1) mother; 2) father; 3) sister; 4) brother; 5) grandpa; 6) uncle; 7) aunt; 8) cousin; 9) grandmother; 10) cousin.

p. 26 ex. 5. Виправи речення.
1. Mike’s mum is kind and helpful. 2. Mike’s dad is plump. 3. Alice has got long blond hair. 4. Ted is curious and boring. 5. Mike’s grandpa has got a grey beard. 6. Mike’s uncle is clumsy. 7. Aunt Linda is always serious. 8. Robert is silly.


p. 28 ex. 3. Встав правильне питальне слово.
Where — де, куди; when — коли; whose — чий; who — хто; what — що, який; how — як; why — чому; how many — скільки.
1) who; 2) when; 3) where; 4) whose; 5) what; 6) how; 7) how many; 8) why.

p. 28 ex. 4. Придумай декілька запитань, які б міг запитати Тед.
Why is the sky blue? How can birds fly?


p. 29 ex. 1. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1) Robert; 2) Mia; 3) Jessica; 4) Robert; 5) Robert; 6) Mia; 7) Jessica, Kyle; 8) Kyle, Jessica; 9) Mia; 10) Jessica; 11) Kyle; 12) Mia.

р. 30 ех. 2. Склади та дай відповіді на 4 і більше запитань про людей на малюнках (ех. 1).
Who’s tall? Kyle is tall.
Whose hair is brown? Sam’s hair is brown.
Who’s got blue eyes? Mia has got blue eyes.
Who’s short? Jessica is short. 

p. 30 ex. 3. Впиши прикметники в таблицю.
POSITIVE: kind, helpful, patient, friendly, romantic, serious, hard-working, calm, brave, polite, interesting.
NEGATIVE: selfish, boring, clumsy, lazy, rude, stupid, naughty.
POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE: worried, curious, shy.

p. 30 ex. 4. Закінчи речення.
Superman is brave. Santa Claus is kind. Harry Potter is friendly, brave. Mickey Mouse is curious. Cinderella is hard-working. Shrek is kind.

р. 31 eх. 5. In groups speak on the questions.
I am friendly and hard-working. My classmates are helpful and polite.

p. 31 ex. 6. Bring a photo of your family to school. Work in pairs.
This is my family. Му mum is tall and slim. She's got long black hair and brown eyes. She is very kind. This is my dad. He is tall. He is wearing eyeglasses. His hair is short and brown. His eyes are brown, too. My dad is very serious and hard-working. I've got a young brother. He is 5. He’s got brown hair and brown eyes. He is short. He is curious and talkative. This is me. I am tall. I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes. I think I am friendly and a bit lazy.
Запитай свого друга про його родину.
How old is your brother? He is 5.
What’s your mum’s hobby? Listening to music.
Why is your brother talkative? Because he asks a lot of questions.
What is your dad like? He is serious and hard-working.


р. 32 ex. 1. Склади прислівники з поданих прикметників.
a) loudly; b) quickly; с) brightly; d) gaily; е) slowly; f) slowly; g) happily. 

p. 32 ex. 2. Використай слово «good» або «well» у реченнях.
a) good; b) well: c) well; d) well; e) well; f) well; g) good; h) good.

р. 33 ex. 3. Спиши речення, використовуючи ступені порівняння прислівників.
1. We can read better.
2. We must all work harder.
3. He has done his work more carefully.
4. Yesterday we got up earlier.
5. Mother felt worse.
6. Bob and Mary came home later.
7. The teacher spoke more loudly.
8. Dennis behaved more aggressively.
9. The rocket moved more easily.
10. She looked at us more angrily.
11. Nick runs faster.
12. He sang the song more loudly. 

p. 33 ex. 4. Наведи вищий і найвищий ступінь порівняння поданих прислівників.
Often — more often — the most often.
Early — earlier — the earliest.
Easily — more easily — the most easily.
Well — better — the best.
Little — less — the least.
Near — nearer — the nearest.
Far — further — the furthest.
Late — later — the latest.
Slowly — more slowly — the most slowly.
Fast — faster — the fastest.
Much — more — the most.
Quickly — more quickly — the most quickly.

p. 33 ex. 5. Розподіли речення на 2 колонки: прислівники та прикметники.



2. The teacher spoke friendly. 1. The teacher spoke in a friendly way.
4. Don't speak so fast. 3. This car is too fast for me.
6. Don't stay in too long. 5. Why have you got such long hair?
7. Jack works hard all day. 8. John is a hard worker.
10. He studies very little. 9. You are so little.

р. 34 ex. 1. Напиши про свою родину.

Зразок: Му family is not big. There are four people in my family. My mother is short. She has got fair hair and green eyes. She is 35 years old. She is very kind. She can paint very well. Her name is Mary. My father is tall. He has got brown hair and brown eyes. He is 35 years old. He is very serious and hard-working. He can drive a car. His name is Nick. My brother is tall. He has got brown hair and brown eyes. He is 12 years old. He is very sociable and friendly. He can skateboard and play football very well. His name is Dennis. My name is Ann. I am short. 1 have got blond hair and blue eyes. I am 10 years old. I am talkative and friendly. I can sing and play the piano.


p. 34 ex. 6. Вибери правильну частину мови.

1) fluently; 2) honestly; 3) badly; 4) easily; 5) well; 6) brightly; 7) bitter; 8) sadly; 9) well; 10) quickly; 11) comfortably; 12) good.

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