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Unit 4. Sports and Games

Lesson 1

1. Прослухайте та повторіть. Скажіть, яким спортом ви займаєтеся.
1. I go in for athletics. 2. I go in for ski-jumping. 3. I go in for cycling. 4. I go in for boating. 5. I go in for boxing. 6. I go in for judo.

2. Подивіться на малюнки і скажіть, якими видами спорту спортсмени займаються.
Mr. Johnson goes in for judo. Mr. Johnson goes in for ski-jumping. Mr. Johnson goes in for cycling.

3. Прочитайте і скажіть, чому важливо займатися спортом.
То my mind, sport helps us in our life. Firstly.it organizes you and your day. Secondly, you keep fit and feel strength in your body. It makes you feel to be sure in yourself and your abilities. Thirdly, your are healthy. Without health we can’t use possibilities of life. Sport also gives us positive emotions.

4. Прочитайте та доповніть речення.
1. People all over the world are fond of sports and games.
2. The most popular winter sports are skating and skiing.
3. The most popular summer sports are swimming, cycling, and boating.
4. Children all over the world like to play sports and games.
5. Athletics and gymnastics enjoy their great popularity among the girls.
6. The boys go in for boxing, football, tennis, and basketball.

5. а) Робота в парах. По черзі запитайте та дайте відповіді на запитання.
В: Do you like quiet or noisy games? A: You know I like football. So I prefer noisy games. What about you?
В: I like quiet games. I like playing chess. A: How often do you play games?
B: From time to time. And what about you? A: I go in for sport 4 times a week,
B: Do you watch sports on TV? A: Of course, I do. And you?
В: No, I don’t. And what sports do you like to watch? A: I watch all the matches with my favourite football team.
b) Розкажи про свого друга.
А: I have found out that my friend likes quiet games. He has no free time. That’s why he plays chess from time to time. He never watches sports on TV.
В: I have found out that my friend likes noisy games. He plays football. He also likes watching football matches on TV. His favourite team is Dynamo. He also goes in for sport 4 times a week.

6. а) Прочитайте, доповніть та запишіть речення.
1. Paul rides his bike very quickly. One day he’ll have an accident.
2. You have to train hard if you want to win the competition.
3. Rita plays tennis well. One day she’ll be a champion.
4. The children were talking loudly. The coach asked them to be quiet.
5. Bill was very tired after his training and he walked home slowly.
6. You have made a lot of mistakes. You must listen to me carefully.
b) Складіть власні речення з поданими прислівниками.
1. I like walking slowly when I get up early in the morning.
2. I can swim well.
3. I should study hard if I want to get good marks.
4. It was raining so she was running quickly.
5. He washed his hands carefully.
6. The music in the car played loudly.

Lessons 2-3

1. Подивіться на малюнки і скажіть, які спортивні клуби діти можуть відвідувати у школі.
1. Children can attend a basketball club in their school.
2. Children can attend a football club in their school.
3. Children can attend an athletic club in their school.
4. Children can attend a tennis club in their school.

2. Прослухайте діалог хлопчиків, які говорять про спорт. Погодьтеся чи не погодьтеся.
False — Steve goes in for tennis. True — Steve joined the sports club last year. False — Steve trains three days a week. True — Dan is very busy. He can attend the sports club only at the weekend. False — Steve invites Dan for a contest in March. True — Dan can go to watch the contest.

3. a) Прочитайте лист Маргарет до Грехема і скажіть, про що вона йому нагадує.
She reminds Graham about the School Meeting on Wednesday.
b) Робота в парах. По черзі запитайте і дайте відповіді на запитання.
Приклади відповідей:
Children are going to discuss the plan for the school Sports Day.
The meeting starts at 6 o’clock on Wednesday.
Graham must be present at the meeting.

4. Ваша школа організовує спортивні змагання. Напишіть електронного листа другові.
То: Ann СС: Kate
Subjects: Sports competition
Dear Ann,
I want to inform you about the coming sporting event. It is a swimming competition. I am going to participate in it. Would you like to join us and take part in it?
Hope to hear from you soon,

5. Прочитайте, доповніть та інсценуйте діалог.
Alex: Hello, Steve? How are you? Steve: I’m fine, thank you. And what about you?
Alex: I’m very tired. Today is my sports day. I go swimming in the morning and then play tennis in the afternoon. Steve: I go in for sport too. I play basketball.
Alex: Oh, really? I like sports a lot, too. My favourite sport is football. Do you train at the Sports Centre? Steve: No, I don’t. I train in our school.
Alex: Are you in the school basketball team? Steve! Yes, I am.
Alex : I like watching basketball on TV. Do you like watching sports on TV?
Steve: Oh, yes! I watch all the matches with my favourite basketball team on TV.

6. Прочитайте і доповніть речення. Вставте необхідні модальні дієслова в питання. З’єднайте запитання та відповіді.
1. When could you ski? с) I could ski when I was 7.
2. Why could not you ski two years ago? e) Two years ago I couldn’t ski, because I lived in warm countries.
3. When could you go skiing in the mountains? a) I could go skiing in the mountains last year.
4. When will you be go skiing in the mountains with your friends? b) I will be able to go to the mountains with my friends next year.
5. What can you say about yourself as a skier? d.) I cannot say that I am a good skier.

7. Прочитайте, доповніть і запишіть текст. Поставте дієслова у дужках у вірну часову форму.
Tom and his schoolmates are playing a match against a team from another school. They usually play football, but today they are playing basketball. Tom likes playing basketball very much. His team usually wears white T-shirts, but today they are wearing yellow T-shirts. Other children from their school are watching the match. Tom’s team usually wins their matches, because they train a lot. They won three Final Cups in the previous three years. They are winning today, too.

Lessons 4-5

1. Робота в парах. Поговоріть з другом про літні та зимові види спорту.
1. The summer kinds of sports are swimming, athletics, football, volleyball, basketball and others. The winter kinds of sports are figure skating, skiing, ice hockey etc.
2. I enjoy watching figure skating in winter and swimming in summer.
3. Children like to play football, volleyball, basketball and others.
4. My favourite game is football.
5. I like to watch games.
6. Sport is popular with children and grown-ups because it helps to keep fit, look slim, be cheerful, active and disciplined.

2. Подивіться на малюнки. Скажіть, яким видом спорту займаються діти.
2. Maria goes in for swimming. She attends a swimming pool. She trains in the swimming pool twice a week.
3. Oleksandr goes in for karate. He attends the sports Club. He does karate twice a week.
4. Yana is going in for badminton. She attends a school gym. She trains in the school gym once a week.

5. Дайте поради своїм однокласникам.
If you want to play tennis well you should do exercises to relax arms. If you want to have good sports results you should eat healthy food to give you energy. If you want to go in for running you should wear comfortable shoes not to injure your feet.

6. Прочитайте та інсценуйте ситуацію.
1. Му favourite sport is volleyball. There are many reasons for my choice. The volleyball is most spectacular and popular game, in my opinion. The game is very dynamic. I like team games very much. I play volleyball at school and I always participate in school contests. I like to play volleyball with friends and family. I can play volleyball all the year round. I want to learn to play
volleyball professionally. My dream is to take part in the Olympic Games. I also like tennis. But unfortunately I am not good at tennis. I would like to be a better tennis player.
2. Hello! I know you took part in a school basketball competition yesterday. I congratulate you with a victory! How long have you trained to become the winners? Where do you train? Who is your coach? I’d like to play basketball too. Can I join your basketball club?

7. Напишіть про свій улюблений вид спорту.
Му favorite sport is swimming. I think that swimming is the most useful kind of exercises, because it’s rains all the muscles of the body and develops your lungs, makes you feel refreshed and have a good posture. In summer you can swim when you have a rest near the sea, the river or the lake. In winter you may go to the swimming pool. I don’t stop swimming all the year round. I also like to watch swimming competitions on TV.

Lesson 6

1. З’єднайте слова з малюнками. Потім прослухайте та перевірте.
Score a goal — забивати гол; swim 100 metres — плавати на 100 м; win а сир — виграти спортивний кубок; ride a horse — їздити верхи на коні; watch a cricket match — дивитися гру в крікет; climb a mountain — підніматися на гору; go skiing — кататися на лижах; run а гасе — брати участь у перегонах; play badminton — грати в бадмінтон; meet a sports star — зустрічати відомого спортсмена.

2. Робота в парах. Запитайте і дайте відповіді на запитання.
A: Have you ever swum 100 metres? В: No, I haven’t.
A: Have you ever won a cup? В: No, I haven’t.
A: Have you ever watched a cricket match? B: No, I haven’t.
A: Have you ever climbed a mountain? В: Yes, I have.
A: Have you ever gone skiing? В: Yes, I have.
A: Have you ever run a race? B: Yes, I have.
A: Have you ever played badminton? В: Yes, I have.
A: Have you ever met a sports star? B: No, I haven’t.

4. Робота в парах. Дайте відповіді на запитання анкети для журналу Дена. Дайте короткі відповіді і додайте інформацію.
Dan: OK. Have you ever scored a goal? You: No, I haven’t. I hate football.
Dan: Have you ever swum 100 metres? You: No, I haven’t. I am afraid of water.
Dan: And have you ever won a medal? You: Yes, I have. I won a badminton competition.
Dan: Have you ever climbed a mountain? You: Yes, I have. Last year my parents and I had a rest in the mountains.

p. 88, ex. 5. Подивіться на малюнки і скажіть, що атлети або гравці роблять.
2. The boys are on the football field. They are playing football at the moment. They train hard to be good sportsmen.
3. The boys are at the stadium. They are running at the moment. They train hard to be good sportsmen.
4. The boy is on the skating-rink. He is skating at the moment. He trains hard to be a good sportsman.

p. 88, ex. 6. Прочитайте та доповніть речення. Поставте дієслова в дужках у вірну часову форму.
1. Did we have a hard game yesterday?
2. The field at this stadium is very good.
3. Have you ever been to the Sports Palace?
4. What kinds of sport did the Greek compete in?
5. The boy looks happy: he has won the sports competition.
6. My classmates is training in the gym now.

Lesson 7

p. 89, ex. 1. Робота в парах. Обговоріть висловлювання. Додайте інформацію.
A: It’s better to watch sport than to go in for it.
В: I don’t agree with you. Sport helps become strong, confident, and healthy. It teaches you to win and lose. Sport also forms character and helps to meet new people.
A: I really believe that sport helps people to make good friends.
В: Of course, it does! Especially in team sports. It’s impossible to win a game if players in a team are not good friends.

p. 89, ex. 2. Прослухайте і прочитайте текст, скажіть, чому Мелані стала членом баскетбольної команди.
Melanie has become the basketball team member because she can run fast, jump high and really throw a basketball.

p. 90, ex. 3. Погодься чи не погодься зі ствердженнями.
1. False. 2. True. 3. True. 4. False. 5. False. 6. True.

p. 90, ex. 4. Робота в парах. Прочитайте, доповніть та інсценуйте діалог.
1. — When will you be able to skate with Ben? I’ll be able to skate with Ben after lunch.
2. — Can Ann jump very well? Oh, yes. I am sure Ann can jump very well.
3. — Why couldn’t they win that game? They couldn’t win that game, because they didn’t train well.
4. — How long did you have to wait for your turn? We had to wait for our turn for two hours.

p. 91, ex. 5. Прочитайте та доповніть речення. Вставте модальні дієслова у вірній часовій формі. Є речення стверджувальні та заперечні.
1. Can I take part in the contest tomorrow?
2. I could not swim a year ago, but now I can.
3. Their son could walk when he was one year old.
4. You must train hard if you want to win the competition.
5. I have broken a leg and have to miss my trainings.
6. They could not go to the basketball competition yesterday.
7. Sue must practice a lot. She hasn’t attended the sports club during the last week.

p. 91, ex. 6. Напишіть свою історію про спорт. Використайте ex. 2 як зразок.
Му favourite sport is football. It is the most popular sport in the world. I have played football since I was a child. I have always had a dream to become a famous football player. That’s why I joined to our school football club. One day our coach told us about the tryout. The local junior football team needed one more player. They walked from one football club to another looking for a young talented player. I trained hard. One day they came to our school and I was the best player. So now I’m a player of that local junior football team, I made one more little step to my dream.

Lesson 8. Grammar Revision

p. 91, ex. 1. Робота в парах. Запитайте свого друга.
1. What is your favourite sport?
2. What sport are you good at?
3. What sport would you like to be good at?
4. Where do you usually play sports?
5. Do you like to watch sports on TV or at the stadium?

p. 91, ex. 2. Прочитайте і скажіть, що дітям подобається робити в цих ситуаціях.
1. They enjoy running and jumping.
2. They will enjoy watching football matches there.
3. They enjoy skating there.
4. He is going to enjoy watching a football match.

p. 92, ex. 3. Подивіться на нотатки Шенон. Утворіть речення за зразком.
1. Shannon plays tennis three times a week.
2. Shannon goes skiing once a month in winter.
3. Shannon does gymnastics twice a week.
4. Shannon goes swimming every weekend in summer.

p. 92, ex. 4. Прочитайте та інсценуйте ситуацію.
Му favourite kind of sport is volleyball. I go in for sport 3 times a week. When it’s warm we play outside. Whet it is cold we play in our school gym. I also like to watch volleyball matches on TV or at the stadium.

6. Put the words from the list into four categories.

Water Sports Adventure Sports Ball Games Other Individual Sports
table tennis
horse riding

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