Unit 2. LOOK BACK!

p. 80, ex. 1. 1 — has washed; 2 — has ironed; 3 — has cooked; 4 — has swept; 5 — has gone shopping; 6 — has washed up.

p. 80, ex. 2. 2. What shall I do with these? — Boil them first and then mash them.
3. What shall I do with these? — Wash them first and then chop them.
4. What shall I do with these? — Cut them first and then grill them.
5. What shall I do with these? — Slice them first and then mix and oil them.
6. What shall I do with these? — Slice them first and then fry them.

p. 81, ex. 3. Look, choose and read.
1 — slice; 2 — boil; 3 — add; 4 — throw.

p. 81, ex. 4. a) Use ‘anything’, ‘anybody’, ‘anyone’ to rewrite the sentences.
1. There isn’t anybody at home.
2. There isn’t anyone living in that house.
3. There isn't anything to do this weekend.
4. She didn’t say anything about going to England.
5. I don’t know anybody here; 
b) Use ‘nothing’, ‘nobody’, ‘no one’ to rewrite the sentences.
1. I know nobody who can help me.
2.  Are you sure she said nothing about it?
3. There is no one home. 4. I have nothing to wear. 5. There is nothing good on TV this evening.

p. 81 ex. 5. Use ‘few’ or ‘little’ to complete the sentences.
1 — few; 2 — few; 3 — little; 4 — a little; 5 — few; 6 — few; 7 — a little; 8 — little; 9 — few; 10 — little.

p. 82 ex. 6. A toaster is a machine that is used to make toasts. A microwave oven is a machine that is used for fast cooking or warming dishes. A cooker Is used for cooking. A dishwasher is used for washing and drying dishes. A freezer is used for freezing food. A refrigerator is used for keeping food and drinks fresh and cold. A food mixer is used for mixing foods. An iron is used for ironing clothes. A washing machine is used for washing clothes and linen. A sewing machine is used for sewing and repairing clothes.

p. 82 ex. 7. 1 — False (They discuss all the things they have to do).
2 — True.
3 — False (They take their dog for a walk twice a day).
4 — False (They take turns to do the washing up).

p. 83 ex. 3. I don’t have anything in common with Alan’s family. We share the household chores in my family. Each of us has some duties. My mum always does the cooking. I help her in the kitchen at the weekends. My elder sister does the washing up and I dry the dishes. My dad does the shopping twice a week. Mum usually writes a list of necessary foods for shopping because she knows better what we need. My sister helps mum to laundry and to iron things. I hate ironing. Nobody asks me to do it. We have got a dog. My duty is to feed it and to take it for a walk twice a day. I do this with pleasure. On Saturdays we usually tidy our flat together. My duty is to tidy my room. I dust the furniture, put things on right place, vacuum the carpet and clean the floor. I get well with my parents. My family is very friendly. We love each other very much.


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