Unit 2. READING 4 FUN!

p. 87 ex. 2. Answer the questions.
1. He cooked his dinner, cleaned the house by himself and made his bed.
2. He came home feeling very hungry and made a big dinner.
3. The next night he was twice hungry and cooked as big of a dinner.
4. No, he didn’t.
5. He found out that there wasn’t any clean dish there.
6. His house was full of dirty dishes and he couldn't get into his house.
7. He couldn’t find the sink to wash the dishes. He was very upset.
8. He decided to wash all dirty things in the rain.
9. He was very tired because he had to put all clean things onto their places.
10. He decided to wash his dishes after finishing the dinner every day.
11. He is happy at the end of the story because it is easy for him to get into his house and to find easily everything he wants.

p. 87 ex. 3. Divide the story into some passages and tell the main idea of each passage.
1. The man’s usual life style.
2. A lazy tired man.
3. Rain as a sudden helper.
4. The man’s decision for the future.
5. A very happy man again.


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