Unit 3. LOOK BACK!

p. 125 ex. 1. To have a tummy ache; to catch a cold; to ask for help; to cut a finger; to break a leg; to give first aid; to call in for the doctor; to feel ill; to keep fit; to look sick; to a medicine,

p. 125 ex. 2. 1 — took a pulse;
2 — throat;
3 — checked John’s temperature;
4 — flu;
5 — sneezing;
6 — prescribed;
7 — sore throat; stay in bed;
8 — recover.

p. 126 ex. 3. 1. If people have a headache, they take some medicine and go to bed.
2. If people can’t sleep, they have a walk outdoors.
3. If people have a toothache, they go to the dentist.
4. If people have a pain in the heart, they take some medicine.
5. If people have a cold, they call a doctor, drink warm milk with honey or butter.
6. If people have a stomachache, they call a doctor.

p. 127 ex. 4. b) Answer the questions.
1. Michael has been off school for a month.
2. He fell off his bike.
3. He had stayed at the hospital for three days.
4. Ambulance.
5. He was bored.
6. He had done 150 word puzzles.
7. He advised to be careful while riding a bike or doing other things. 

p. 127 ex. 5. a) Read another letter and say what was the most difficult thing for Kate in her situation.
The most difficult thing for Kate was to make her ill little sister take the medicines the doctor had prescribed.

p. 130 ex. 9. 1. I had washed my hands before I had my lunch.
2. Steve started practicing his bike after he had learnt to control it.
3. The doctor had examined his patient before he gave him an injection.
4. Children had done their homework before their mother came.
5. I went to the chemist’s after the doctor had given me the treatment.
6. We had a great dinner at Granny’s after we had come back from the Sport Show.
7. Fiona started swimming after she had been a member of the climbing club.
8. Nick had been a member of our school volleyball team before he joined tennis club.


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