Unit 3. READING 4 FUN!

p. 132 ex. 1. 1. John tried to find good football players for his team.
2. John's football players were good at running, jumping, swimming, rowing and playing different games.
3. The players were tall, strong, excellent sportsmen and nice people.
4. The University team was the best in the South of England.
5. The important things for the sportsmen were regular training, keeping to a diet and a lot of exercises.
6. The footballers rarely lost a game.
7. The only trouble with some of footballers was the bad knowledge of many school subjects.

p. 133, ex. 3. 1. John.
2. Football players or footballers.
3. They train regularly, keep to a diet and do a lot of exercises.
4. It is in a draw.
5. He can say that regular training is very important for the sportsmen.
6. He or she is an excellent student.
7. No, I wouldn’t use any punishment.


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