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Fill in the blanks.

Hello Megan!

l had a fantastic (1) trip last summer I have gone to the (2) seaside for the first time. My mum's friends invited us for the one-day trip to Devon, the place with the beautiful (3) beach.

We got up at five o'clock. My sister and two brothers were very (4) excited. At first everybody sang, but after an hour the children were very tired and slept again. We (5) arrived there at ten o’clock. We ran to the sea immediately. The weather was enormous! It was hot and (6) sunny but the water was too cold for me. I didn't want to swim but mum splashed me and I was wet, so l became courageous. My sister Sonia played in the sand, (7) made sandcastles and looked for shells. The beach was (8) crowded.

Then we played beach volleyball and had (9) fun. The girls sunbathed and (10) took photos. We came home late at night tired but (11) happy.

What a fantastic day! I would like to go to the seaside again. What about you?

See you soon,



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