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Unit 4. Look Back

p. 225, ex. 1. These are the usual newspaper themes. Match them with the pictures.

politics k, economy & finance f, ecology i, education c, art & culture d, business j, science & technology h, health g, entertainment 1, weather e, TV guide a, private life b.


p. 225, ex. 4. a) Look through the list of items (1-14) and the extracts from a school magazine (a-e). Find the right heading for each extract.

11. Memories of the School Concert — Jim.
14. Orchestral and Choral Concert — Elizabeth.
4. Public-speaking Competition — Robert.
9. Play on — Anna.
13. If Music be — George.


p. 228, ex. 8. Read and say using passive structures.

1. John sees that a new hospital has been built.
2. John sees that the old library has been rebuilt.
3. John sees that the city centre has been turned into a real shopping area.
4. John sees that a theatre has been opened.
5. John sees that the names of some streets have been changed.
6. John sees that the city open market has been closed.
7. John sees that many trees have been planted.


p. 229, ex. 11. Work in pairs. Ask and answer about the UK.

1. England, Scotland and Wales are situated on the British Isles.
2. English. Scots, Welsh, Irish and Polish are spoken in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
3. The population of Great Britain is 64,716,000 people. They are English. Irish, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Chinese and other groups.
4. The Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom.
5. The flag combines three older national flags: the red cross of St George of the Kingdom of England, the white saltire of St Andrew for Scotland and the red saltire of St Patrick for Ireland.


p. 229, ex. 12. Work in pairs. Do the quiz.

1. The biggest Scottish city is Glasgow, c)
2. Scotland is famous for a great number of lakes, b)
3. A kilt is a knee-length skirt for men. a)
4. Robert Burns is Scotland’s most famous poet, b)
5. Hugh Jackman is not Scottish, a)


p. 231, ex. 14. Work in pairs. Student A prepares questions A and student B prepares questions B in their notebooks. Now ask your partner questions with both your books shut.

A. 1. What is the geographical position of Scotland? — Scotland is a country in the north of the United Kingdom.
2. What is the size of Scotland? — It is 77,933 km.
3. What part of Great Britain does it occupy? — It occupies a third of Great Britain.
4. What colour is the Scottish flag? — It is blue with a white cross.
5. What is the St Andrew’s cross? — It is the national flag of Scotland.
6. How many inhabitants are there in Scotland? — There are more than five million inhabitants in Scotland.

B. 1. What is the capital of Scotland? — Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and its second largest city.
2. What is the largest city? — Glasgow is the largest city.
3. What seas is Scotland washed by? — Scotland is washed by the North Sea.
4. What does Scotland border on? — Scotland borders on England.
5. What are lochs? Lochs are lakes in Scotland. — There are about 3000 smaller and bigger lakes in Scotland.
6. How many islands are there in Scotland? — There are almost 800 islands in Scotland.

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