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Unit 5. Lesson 9. Life in Britain

2. You are going to read a magazine article about people in Britain. Six sentences have been removed. Choose which sentences (A–G) fit into the gaps (1–6). There is one extra sentence you do not need to use.

1. (D) The English are also famous for their love of animals.
2. (G) Every country in the UK has got its own symbol.
3. (A) A red dragon is probably the oldest symbol of Wales.
4. (C) Green is one of the symbols of Ireland and everybody wears green on St. Patrick’s, the Irish national holiday.
5. (E) People from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland are not English.
6. (B) They like to speak Welsh, to sing songs in Welsh and when you travel you can see road signs in Welsh all over Wales.


3. Read the sentences and tick E (England), S (Scotland), W (Wales), NI (Northern Ireland). There is more than one answer possible.

1. England. In this country people are crazy about gardening.
2. Ireland. In this country you may see different shades and tones of green.
3. Scotland. In this country men wear skits called the kilts.
4. Wales. You can see a red dragon on the flag of this country.
5. Wales. In this country rugby is the national sport.
6. England. The symbol of this country is a red rose.
7. Ireland. The most famous symbol of this country is the shamrock.
8. Scotland. In this country there are many lakes called the lochs.
9. Scotland and Wales. People who live in these countries don’t like when they are called English.
10. Wales. These people are especially proud of their language.


5. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

1. David was learning the Welsh language when he was at school.
2. Do the Welshmen wear kilts everyday or on special occasions?
3. Sue hopes that she will travel to Northern Ireland next summer.
4. My classmates are talking about British traditions now.
5. Mr McGregor feels very proud of his son because he has won the bagpipe competition.
6. We have been looking for the information about Great Britain for two hours.
7. They were reading the story about the Scottish thistle when the bell rang.
8. Bob had drawn the UK symbols before they came.

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