1. Домашні завдання
  2. 9 клас
  3. ДПА-2018
  4. Англійська мова. Коса (орієнтовні зразки екзаменаційних завдань)

Variant 13

1. Read the text and choose the correct item.

1. The narrator was...
c) unconscious.
2. Derek could see, nothing because...
c) he was too weak to come to himself.
3. Mr Armstrong was...
b) Derek.
4. When Derek managed to raise the corner of his eyelid he saw...
b) a person wearing a white coat.
5. Derek didn’t answer the questions because...
a) he became unconscious again.
6. The narrator couldn’t...
a) move.

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

Cultures are divided into «low-context» and «high-context». In low-context cultures (1) such as North America, Britain, Sweden and Germany, people say things very plainly, and rely on clear verbal communication. High-context cultures such as France, Japan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, China and South Korea often use silence or (2) hand signals to communicate.

Shaking hands is often the most common form of (3) greeting people, but even this can Create problems. In Japan, people bow to each other. In England, people shake hands firmly while in Italy and France people shake hands all the time but not as firmly as the English.

People from «low-context» cultures, tend to (4) look into other people’s eyes, but in «high-context» cultures such as China and Japan, this can be interpreted as aggressive behaviour.

One thing that the British and the Americans do share when meeting each other, however, is the desire to break the ice by making a joke.

Cultures arid peoples vary so .much, though, that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time. The best thing you can do under these confusing circumstances is to be polite to (5) everyone you meet.

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