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  2. 9 клас
  3. ДПА-2018
  4. Англійська мова. Коса (орієнтовні зразки екзаменаційних завдань)

Variant 17

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The elderly couple lives an unusual life. FALSE 
2 The wife has a sister and visits her every year. TRUE
3 In summer, they usually have a lot of work about the house. TRUE
4 They have lived in their house for two years. FALSE
5 The couple spends every summer holiday at the seaside. FALSE
6 Last summer, one of the couple’s relatives was in hospital. TRUE
7 They didn’t feel at home in the caravan they had chosen. TRUE
8 The weather changed for the better. FALSE
9 They had to spend the night at the train station. FALSE
10 They prefer to have their holidays at home. TRUE

2. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box.

Jane Adams (1) was born in 1860. In 1889 she decided to start (2) fighting the poverty she saw in Chicago. She wanted to live (3) among the poor people, so she found and rented Hull House. The «house» became a social centre. She thought the way to improvement was (4) through education.

The people in the (5) neighbourhood needed a cultural and intellectual life. Some Hull House (6) activities included reading classes for young women, kindergarten classes, and a Boy’s Club. They wanted laws for (7) better housing, an eight-hour workday, and the right for (8) women to vote.

Jane Adams also (9) tried to help immigrants. She (10) believed that the multicultural experiences brought to America would be the key to world peace.

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