Test 16

Task 1. You will hear an interview with an artist. For each question (1-5) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1. Annie is an artist because

A her parents are creative people.

B her parents are artists.

C she makes a lot of money.

D she enjoys creating works of art.

2. The thing that influences her art the most is

A her character.

B the subject.

C her sense of humour.

D her mood.

3. The theme she is working with right now is

A trees.

B water.

C plants.

D flowers.

4. Annie makes her sculptures

A in her studio.

B in 4-8 hours.

C using models.

D at night time.

5. Annie’s exhibition is at the

A city’s art centre.

B community centre.

C Mellor Gallery.

D Harris Library.


Task 2. Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).

1. The boys were shouting under a small carpet. FALSE
2. The theatre director decided to lower the payment because the performance was not successful. FALSE
3. The boys only shouted after the payment became lower. TRUE
4. The boys decided not to make the storm because they were tired. FALSE
5. The theatre director asked them to do their best. TRUE


Task 3. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

1C, 2B, 3C, 4B, 5B, 6A, 7D