Test 31

Task 1. Listen to five people who have ordered goods online by post and match the problems to the speakers. There is one extra problem.

A An item is damaged.

B There was something missing.

C The customer has changed his mind.

D The goods haven’t arrived.

E There is a payment problem.

F The wrong item was sent to the customer.


Task 2. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B or C.

1. The present-day name of the Club is...
B the All England Lawn-Tennis and Croquet Club.
2. Women who took part in one of the first championships...
C. were good at tennis.
3. Lawn-tennis is... in origin.
A French
4. First tennis players were...
B amateurs.
5. To join the Club is not easy because....
C its membership is limited.


Task 3. Read the text, Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

Wales has population of about three million. English is the main language and only twenty per cent speak both Welsh and English. Every year for one week in August there is a Welsh-speaking festival. It (1) A takes place in a different town each year so everyone has the chance for it to be near them. Local people (2) C spend years making plans for when the festival will be in their town. Each festival is (3) D attended by about 160,000 people. They travel not only from nearby towns and villages (4) A but also from the rest of the British Isles and (5) D even from abroad. There are concerts, plays and competitions, and shops sell Welsh music, books, pictures and clothes as (6) D well as food and drink. There is also a place (7) B where. Welsh learners can go to practice the language.