Test 37

Task 1. You will hear about a person’s health. For each question choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

1. Michael J Fox

A started out in politics.

B started acting as a child.

C works only as an actor.

D conies from a famous family.

2. When he learnt about his disease, Michael

A told people about it straight away.

B displayed a change in behavior.

C was very shocked.

D gave up acting.

3. He set up the Michael J Fox Foundation because

A there isn’t a cure for the disease.

B he wanted to invest his money.

C he wanted to find cures for serious diseases.

D he wanted to raise 250 million dollars.

4 At present, Michael

A isn’t involved in any acting projects.

B isn’t very popular as an actor.

C works only with the foundation.

D is a very successful writer.

5. According to Debi Brooks, Michael

A feels there is no need for concern over his health.

B doesn’t want to hear from well-wishers.

C rarely makes public appearances.

D talks about his health when necessary.


Task 2. Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).

1 American Indians never experienced pressure from European settlers. FALSE
2 The Indians have lost all their lands. FALSE
3 Modern civilization didn’t manage to destroy the Indians heritage. TRUE
4 Europeans taught the Indians how to grow tomatoes. FALSE
5 Today large cities host about 2/3 of the Native Americans. FALSE


Task 3. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

How does weather influence the lives of everyone? The climate of any country depends on its position on Earth, its (1) A distance from the sea and how high it is. In countries which have sea all around them, like Britain, New Zealand, winters are mild and summers are cool. There is not a huge change from one season to (2) B another.

Countries near the Equator have hot weather all year with some (3) C heavy rain, except in deserts where it rains very little. Above the desert there are no clouds in the sky so the (4) A heat of the sun can easily warm the ground during the day but it gets very cold at night. People are always (5) B interested in unusual weather and pictures of tornadoes, for example, are shown on television. Strong winds and rain can (6) D cause a lot of damage to buildings and in spite of modern (7) C methods of weather forecasting they can still surprise us.