Test 40

Task 1. You will hear an interview about an adventure park. For each question choose the right answer A, B, C or D. 

1. The radio host says that people 
 A are scared of trying new things in their free time.
 B lack new ideas of what to do in their free time.
 C don’t like doing adventure activities on Sundays.
 D enjoy doing the same things over and over again.
2. The most popular activity at the adventure park is
 A mini golf. C zip-lining.
 B paintball. D bungee jumping.
3. A paint ball game lasts 
 A half an hour. C one hour.
 B forty-five minutes. D two hours.
4. Scott suggests finishing a day at the park 
 A with a meal at a park restaurant. 
 B zip-lining through the forest. 
 C by playing mini golf. 
 D at the climbing wall. 
5. At the adventure park children can’t 
 A go paintballing. 
 B go zip-lining. 
 C use the climbing walls. 
 D go bungee jumping. 


Task 2. Read the article and match the title A-G to each paragraph 1-6 . There is one extra title.

1D, 2B, 3F, 4A, 5E, 6C

Task 3. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

The tiger can live in almost (1) A any natural environment from hot, steamy jungles to snowfields with zero temperatures. A female tiger has her first cubs when she is less (2) B than four years old. About half usually die before they become a year old. They kill their first small animals when they are about one and leave their mother a year later. Tigers are good swimmers, can climb trees (3) A and eat 23 kilos of meat in a night. They can jump nearly nine metres, which is about the length of a double-decker bus. A tiger depends (4) C on its sharp eyes and keen ears. It waits in cover and rushes at the animals it hunts, jumping on (5) A them.

If it fails it often (6) C gives up because it gets tired very easily. It can go for more than a week without catching anything.