Test 41

Task 1. You will hear Sam talking about a Neighborhood Watch scheme. For each question choose the correct answer A, B or C.

1. Sam started the scheme because

A he had recently been burgled.

B his son asked him to.

C the police suggested it to him.

2. The main aim of Neighbourhood Watch is

A to prevent crime before it happens.

B to catch criminals when the police aren’t around.

C to patrol the streets of a neighbourhood.

3. Since Sam started Neighbourhood Watch,

A other schemes have been started in different areas.

B the council have agreed to improve street lighting.

C there isn’t as much crime in the area.

4. The first meeting is often held

A iji.a public place in the neighbourhood.

B at the local police station.

C at the home of a group member.

5. Finally, Sam suggests that the police

A should encourage more similar schemes.

B can do a better job if the community helps.

C aren’t doing a good enough job.


Task 2. Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).

1 The tourists are going to visit the beautiful town of Brighton. FALSE
2 The tourists will go to a wildlife park after breakfast. FALSE
3 From the top of the mountain there is a lovely view of the river. FALSE
4 There is a café near the waterfall on the way to Brampton. TRUE
5 Most people come to Brampton to see the University. FALSE
6 The University in Brampton was built in the 17th century. TRUE
7 The tourists will start by taking a guided tour of the museum.  FALSE
8 There will be some time for shopping. TRUE


Task 3. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

1B, 2В, 3D, 4D, 5С, 6А, 7С